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Nexus Global

Hi Nexus Global Impact Society members

My mission is to help people live an abundant & aligned life, by including all the inner parts that we block & push away.

I invite you to co-create a spin-off of my company into the English language & the integration with AI.

Check-Inn is a 4yo online platform where people can check-in daily by using a (virtual) talking stick. 

It is a bit like in the Nexus Forum, but in random small groups, focused on unease and open to everyone who is healthy. More info:

1) My Ask 1

I am looking for networks and idea's to launch in the English language. At best groups that are used to do a check-in of any kind, or leaders in the space of vulnerability.

- peer-to-peer networks, like the nexus forum

- leadership programs & trainings

- consciousness training programs

- teams that want to 

2) My Ask 2

I am looking for people to co-create integration with AI, to help participants get analytics on what AI sees that we don't. Also, specifically: people who want to do 12 recorded check-inn's of 5 minutes in English in 4 weeks. AI will analyse your facial en vocal expressions as well as your words over the period of those 12 sessions,. Goal is to analyse your ability to connect to and stay present during unease and triggers of real-life.

My Give

I can offer you both a free private try-out (personal or team up to 5), as well as sessions for your team, so that your team can start talking about the elephant in the room, and all things you push away. 

Email or call me for more: 



Heart regards Tim Noortman

Here my mission and moonshot as formulated for abundance360 of Peter Diamandis

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